Literature has played a major role in A.A.’s growth (by 2001 A.A. had an estimated two million or more members, with nearly 100,800 groups meeting in approximately 150 countries around the world) and a striking phenomenon of the past quarter-century has been the explosion of translations of our basic literature into many languages and dialects. In country after country where the A.A. seed was planted, it has taken root, slowly at first, then growing by leaps and bounds when literature has become available. As of 2001, our foundational text, “Alcoholics Anonymous” has been translated into forty-three languages.

– From the Forward to the Fourth Edition of Alcoholics Anonymous.


Alcoholics Anonymous 
Affectionately referred to as the “big book”, this foundational of text of A.A. was written in 1939 and has been updated periodically. You can access the latest edition of Alcoholics Anonymous online here. This is the first A.A. book that we recommend to new comers. It will provide a complete overview of our condition and how we have overcome it.
Originally written in 1939, when AA was a group of just “more than one hundred men and women who have recovered from a seemingly hopeless state of mind and body”. The original preamble goes on to say:


“To show other alcoholics precisely how we have recovered is the main purpose of this book. For them, we hope these pages will prove so convincing that no further authentication will be necessary. We think this account of our experiences will help everyone to better understand the alcoholic. Many do not comprehend that the alcoholic is a very sick person. And besides, we are sure that our way of living has its advantages for all.”


If you are new to AA, we recommend reading this book. The original language of the 1939 version has been maintained, except in the latter half of the book where you will find stories of recovery. While some of the earlier stories have been left intact, others have been updated/ added through three subsequent editions of the text, the most recent being from 2001.
If you are struggling with your drinking or if it is causing problems for you, be they health, career, family, legal or emotional, we recommend reading this text from cover to cover and seeing if you can identify with our condition. The text goes on to describe our solution.

Also on this site, you will find a local meeting list. We encourage you to attend some of our meetings and to see how this solution is put into action. You will find us a friendly and welcoming lot, relieved to have been granted a daily reprieve from this affliction.


Twelve Steps and Twelve Traditions
If you have read the aforementioned Alcoholics Anonymous text, you will know that in the chapter entitled “How it Works”, the original founders laid out twelve steps to recovery from the condition of alcoholism. They also described twelve traditions that proved invaluable to keep such a fast-growing and decentralized organization together. Within the rooms, this book is affectionately referred to as the “12 and 12”.
Note: The term “12-step program” is now used to describe a host of recovery programs that have borrowed their structure and program of action from AA, because of its effectiveness. These include Alanon (for family and loved-ones of alcoholics), Alateen (for teenage children of Alcoholics), Narcotics Anonymous (NA), Gamblers Anonymous (GA), Overeaters Anonymous (OA), Sexaholics Anonymous (SA) and at least a dozen other such programs. You can access the 12 and 12 online here.


News: Alcoholics Anonymous World Service Web site is now available in french and spanish, as well as in Engish. Visit

Also. now you can purchase ebooks for your Apple iphone, Ipod Touch and Ipad here.


Please check back, as we will be adding more literature to the site.

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