Alcoholics Anonymous has many resources available for our new members, as well as those with long-term sobriety.


A.A. is in 150 countries world-wide and has hundreds of thousands of groups with millions of members. It stands to reason that such a large fellowship, grateful for their new-found sobriety has much going on. One of the things District three wants to achieve with this site, is make sure that our local members are aware of these activities and resources that exist beyond their local groups, whether in District Three, Area Thirty (Eastern MA) or beyond. For those that find a home in A.A., many make life-long friends and through involvement in service and fellowship, find a life that is second to none.


It might be surprising to newcomers to learn that A.A has dances, dinners, conventions, cruises, camping trips, workshops, and much more. In all of these, there is a gratitude, openness and camaraderie that comes from being with people that have been saved from their cups and set free.


Local A.A. links:


Alcoholic Anonymous World Service – This is the website for A.A.’s world headquarters.  This site had a wealth of information about the history of A.A., international general service offices, several dozen downloadable pamphlets on a variety of topics, videos and audio files, information for young people, information for professionals, public service announcements and much more.


A.A. Area 30: Eastern MA.  –  For coordination of A.A. activities, the North America is divided into regions and areas. Massachusetts’ District 3 is part of Area 30, which covers the eastern half of Massachusetts. Area 30 is, in turn, part of the North East Region. This site lists events, key contacts, committees and has a list of the other districts (and websites where applicable) in area 30.


A.A. Area 30 Handbook.  –  Everything you ever wanted to know about getting involved in A.A. service work. A great resource on GSR.s DCMs, Area activities and procedures, Area Assemblies, etc.


A.A. Central Service Committee of Eastern MA (Boston) / Intergroup   – “A central office (or intergroup) is an A.A. service office that involves partnership among groups in a community – just as A.A. groups themselves are partnerships of individuals. A central office is established to carry out certain functions ….which are best handled by a centralized office .. It exists to aid the groups in their common purpose of carrying the A.A. message to the alcoholic who still suffers.”     –A.A. Guidelines, Central or Intergroup Offices with permission of A.A. World Services, Inc.


AA Central Service Monthly Bulletin – These bulletins list various happenings in Eastern MA A.A., from dinner meetings to dances, workshops, conventions, etc. They also list changes to meetings, meetings needing support, etc.


A.A. Grapevine – The International Journal of Alcoholics Anonymous – AA’s monthly meeting in print (or online). This is the website for AA Grapevine. They have articles, updates and noteworthy events from all over the world. If you subscribe, you get access to their archives which has several decades worth of articles and stories, often about cutting edge issues.


Starting a new group? Please fill out the New Group Form and send to central service. They will add you to the state A.A. Meeting list. We will update the District 3 Meeting list when the new, state-wide meeting book comes out. If you would like us to update our District 3 meeting list sooner, then you can also email us the information.


Updating your group information? Changing your address, meeting time or meeting format? Use the Group Information Change Form.





If you think of other resources to add to this list, please email

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