District Three Announcements

  • District Three Roadshow!District 3 members voted on and came to agreement to formulate commitments to groups who wish to have us in for your groups’ meeting to share our Experience, Strength and Hope but also to share information about ‘Service Work’ at the District 3 level. If your group doesn’t have a G.S.R., your groups’ voice will never be heard, ( the G.S.R.; General Service Representative may be the most important job in A. A.). Download the G.S.R. Pamphlet. Also service work at District 3 can be very exciting and rewarding!Please contact us at:, if your group would like District 3 to conduct a Roadshow at your meeting place or someone in your group wants to become a G.S.R. for your group but would like to have more information before making a decision.
  • Our general service meeting has moved to the American Legion Hall on Depot Street in Mattapoisett, MA. Meetings are held on the 2nd Wednesday of every Month  at 7 PM and are open to any AA member, not just GSR’s. So, if you want to see what a GSR meeting is like and learn about service work, please come join us.  Meetings generally last an hour-and-a-half and are well attended. Be at the heart of your district and get tied into your area and world wide service opportunities.
  • Every group in the district is allowed to and encouraged to have a General Service Representative (GSR) attend our district meeting and represent their group. This is the groups link to the larger structure of A.A. This liaison functions as the voice of the group to A.A. and the voice of A.A. to the group. It is a great opportunity for service. So, if your group doesn’t have one, consider being one. Talk to your group and if confirmed, come join us on the second Wednesday of every month.
  • There are several District service jobs open right now. Learn more about these service positions on our “Get Into Service” page. These positions are not only open to GSR’s. If you are a member of A.A. with some continuous sobriety, please consider stopping by and lend us a hand.
  • District 3 has approved a new “beginner’s pamphlet” that can be downloaded from this site and displayed / distributed at local AA meetings. This pamphlet be downloaded here.

Area Announcements

  • Special Needs Committee announced they’re looking for an ASL Interpreter for the Bourne
    area. Contact Norm:
  • Keep in mind that Area Road Shows do commitments just like home groups do, so if you’re interested in having them come to your meeting to put on a commitment, you can contact them through this site. The speakers share their experience, strength, and hope and also discuss service work.
  • The Literature Committee, The Treatment Committee, and the Public Information are available for outreaches. If you’re interested in having one of them come to your meeting to put on a commitment, contact:
  • Joint Correctional Facilities: The that GSO (General Service Office) is looking for more men to correspond with inmates at our local correctional institutes. If you are interested, contact:
    Note: The prisons are very strict when it comes to commitments coming in. One week, the group was 3 minutes late and they weren’t allowed to enter the facility. They have strict dress codes to adhere to as well.

A.A. World Services Announcements

  • The original AA Big Book is on display now at the library of congress. It is on a list of only 88 books that have been “most influential in shaping America”. The exhibit ends September 28th.
  • A.A.’s 85th anniversary celebration will be held in Detroit, Michigan on July 3-5, 2020.
  • Here is a link to A.A. World Service’s News and Notes.
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